Mini usb charger cable for mini port mobile phone with RoHS certificate   



1.Mini usb charger cable  
2.plug and play 
3.high speed up to 480Mbps transfering and charging function
5.All materials comply with RoHS

6.Complies with fully rated cable specification using braid-and-foil shield protection

7.Shield to ensure interference free operation EMI/RFI interference guarded

8.Flexible jacket for maximum usability


USB Mini Connector Pinout:

Pin # Pin Description Colour Function
1 +5V Red Power
2 Data- White Negative Signal
3 Data+ Green Positive Signal
4 ID None Permits distinction between Micro A and Micro B connectors - A connected to ground, B not connected
5 Ground Black Signal Ground


Detail photos:


Standard 2.0 Mini USB cable

usb to micro 90.jpg

USB to mini 90 degree.jpg

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