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Features USBcable have a desigh of backward compliant to lower USB standard. Pair-shieldis designed to satisfy the application of high-speed transmission under minimum EMIimpact to ensure the integrity of signals in transmission. USB3.0 patch cord have its advantages of ultra-fast transmission speed,ease of use and high compatibility. Meanwhile, this cable is also prepared and supporting for the future optical fiber transmission.
Application High-resolution web camera, video monitor, video display, digital cameras, digital Blu-ray video cameras and other modern electronic devices.
Description Rated temperature:80 Stranded tinned copper conductor RoHS compliant PVC/PE Reference:UL2725 & USB3.0 specification
Electrical characteristics DC resistance (20) 30 AWG ≤376.96 /KM 28 AWG ≤237.25 /KM
Insulation resistance FOAM-PE,PE:AC-100V 100M /KM MIN. at20
Differential impedance 90±7
Contacts differential impedance 90±15
Intre-paie skew ≤15ps
Insertion loss ≤-25 Db(7.5GHz)
NEXT(3.0 TO 3.0) ≤-23 Db(3.0-7.5GHz)
NEXT(2.0 TO 3.0) ≤-15 Db(3.0-7.5GHz)
FEXT(2.0 TO 3.0) ≤-15 Db(3.0-7.5GHz)


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