USB AM to mini 4p usb cable for mobile phone usb cable best suit for distributor  




All materials comply with RoHS

Complies with fully rated cable specification using braid-and-foil shield protection

Shield to ensure interference free operation EMI/RFI interference guarded

Flexible jacket for maximum usability




100% open & short test
Voltage : 300V DC, 5MΩ/10ms
Insulation Resistance: 10M OHM /300V Min.
Contact Resistance: 0.01 OHM Max.
Shield up to  65% braid.
Working Temperature: -25 ° ~ +80 °


USB Mini Connector Pinout:

Pin # Pin Description Colour Function
1 +5V Red Power
2 Data- White Negative Signal
3 Data+ Green Positive Signal
4 ID None Permits distinction between Micro A and Micro B connectors - A connected to ground, B not connected
5 Ground Black Signal Ground


1.Digital TV-CBLE, satellite, and terrestrial broadcasts
2.Digital movies-DVDs
3.D-VHS players

4. keyboard, mouse /

6.Mobile, game rocker, monitor


Detail photos:


Standard 2.0 Mini USB cable

usb to micro 90.jpg

USB to mini 90 degree.jpg

Standard 2.0 printer USB cable:

usb cable.jpg

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