Bus system connector, 8-position, shielded,Plug straight,M12,X-coded.jpgBus system connector, 8-position, shielded,Plug straight,M12,X-coded2.jpg

Bus system connector, 8-position, shielded,Plug straight,M12,X-coded


Discriptions of Product:

1 Connector M12 soldering type
2 M12 Connector Type A,B,C,D,X CODE
3 Shell material
Zinc alloys with nickel-plated
4 Insert material PA66+GF30%
5 Contact material Copper (silver/gold-plated)
6 Withstanding voltage(AC Vrms)/minute 2500
7 Temperature range -25 to +85ºC
8 Lable 1 NA
9 Lable 2 NA

Certifications of Product:



Application of Product:

● Industrial Ethernet
● Sensors, actuators, encoders, servo motors
● Factory automation and process control
● Packing, labeling and logistic devices
● Industrial instrumentation
● Commercial electronics PCBA
● Industrial safety light curtain, light grid, switches
● Power supply
● Field bus: device net, CAN open, Profibus, Ethernet, NMEA 2000
● LED display panel and outdoor LED lighting

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